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Frequently Asked Questions:

This section of the site will be dedicated to frequently asked questions. As questions are answered we will create a list for all ranch owners to view. If you would like to take a shot at answering any of these as they populate or if you would like to add commentary, please email us at: or click on our 
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Is membership in the homeowners group mandatory?

A: No, membership is voluntary and the fee is $25.00 per year if you wish to join.

Who is the board?

A: The board is comprised of volunteers who serve on the board of directors. These can be full time residents or part time residents. Usually there are an equal number of full and part time representatives serving.

When are the board meetings?

A: The board meets on the first Thursday of every month at 6.30pm. We meet at the Blanca-Fort Garland Community Center.

How much does it cost to join the Association?

A: There is an annual fee of $25.00 per year. Our association fees are completely voluntary, but joining the association will also allow you to vote for board members every year.

How do I pay for my yearly membership?

A: You can pay two ways.
Our Site has a PAYPAL BUTTON for your online convenience. It is a completely safe and secure way to pay your membership
You may pay with a credit, debit or paypal card directly to our account.

The other payment option is through check:
PO Box 398
Fort Garland, CO 81133
Make your check payment out to the “SCRO” or (Sangre De Cristo Ranch Owners Association)

How can I become a board member; I would like to help the community?

A: We are always looking for good people to help our community. Currently we have six members serving on the board. We would be interested to talk with people who have something special to offer the association and the community on a whole. We would then decide by a vote if we feel you would be suited as a member on the association. Please E-Mail us and tell us about yourself, or call us at 719-445-6819!

I am new to this area can you give me any extra information to help me become more familiar with the ranches?

A: First of all welcome to our community! It’s great to have you as a new neighbor.
The association hopes to have a welcome packet put together for new residents and land owners soon. We would like to be able to give you all the required documentation you will need to get your permits, copy of the covenant, local business info, get you set up and ready, or any other resource we feel may be of benefit to you. In the meantime please check our local resources page for any information you may require.

Where can I find a copy of the Covenants?

A: The SCRO website has both the Covenants and the By-Laws.

I heard that truckloads of logs are sold to the residents. Is this true?

A: Yes, Trinchera Ranch does sell logs. They cost $600 a semi-load, which they say is approximately 5-6 cords. They charge about $150 to deliver totaling around $750. It is uncut in 20 foot lengths. You may call Trinchera Ranch at 719-379-3263. They will put your name on the list if there is still wood. It will be about 3 weeks to delivery.

Can you send me a copy of a map where my lot(s) is located please?

A: Costilla County Assessor’s Office can assist you with this request. Please click on the available link where we have a Local Resources Page with all the information you will need. Either search for a map directly off the County Website yourself, or request one through the counties phone number or e-mail.

What about all the trash lots within the ranches? What is the board going to do about this?

A: We have a code enforcement officer by the name of Andrew Espinoza 719-672-9109.We suggest you contact Costilla County or Andrew regarding violations with ranch owners who have trash lying around on their lots. The board DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORITY to go onto another person’s private property, this responsibility remains with the county and the code enforcement officer.

Is camping allowed in the ranches?

A: It is not the position of this board to police the ranches and tell anyone what they can and cannot do on their land. Camping within the ranches is something that you will need to speak to Costilla County about personally. We would suggest you contact Matthew Valdez (Land and Planning Manager) or Andrew Espinoza (Code Enforcement Officer)for any questions you have regarding the counties official stand in this issue. Please call: (719) 672-9109

Can I keep animals on my land?

A: Again we would like to refer you back to the Covenant and Costilla County requirements, regarding animals being kept on your property.

I have a problem with my neighbors, can the SCRO board do something about it?

A: The SCRO is a 100% volunteer board. We do not have any authority to interfere in these kinds of matters. Having problems with your neighbors is regarded as a civil issue. If you do need to call the Sheriff’s office, they will be coming out from San Luis. We are at least 15 to 20 minutes away. We recommend that you contact the appropriate authorities to help you resolve these problems. Please check our Resources Page

Tell me more about Crime Stoppers

A: Our ranches have signs posted around the neighborhood that can help the residents become more involved in fighting local crime. Crime stoppers can be a completely anonymous call to the local authorities. We encourage our community and neighbors to become more involved this way. Together, we can all help to prevent home break-ins, poaching and other illegal activities. Keeping our neighborhood safe should be important to everyone who lives and owns land in the ranches.

I have wild animals and bears on my lot. How can I get rid of them?

A: Living out in the ranches means that at some point you will encounter the wildlife here. If your problem is becoming excessive we have a State Parks and Wildlife Manager you may wish to speak with; Conrad Albert on 719-480-2580. (We believe this is his cell number)

Here are just a couple of suggestions that could help you:

Keep your pets inside at night.
Be careful at dawn and dusk when the wildlife is most active.
When walking around the ranches be aware there are wild animals such as mountain lions, bears, coyotes and other animals.
If you are walking with a headset on, you will not hear the animals if they are near.
This could be dangerous.
Stay closer to the roads, pathways and tracks that humans frequently use.
Use common sense, by keeping your lot clean and free of household garbage.
Bears love garbage!
Keep your garbage inside your garage or in a container that bears cannot tear apart.
Don’t be foolish by wanting to snap photographs of bears who are eating or have cubs. They are most likely to defend their babies and food.

How do I find out about hunting on my property or in the area?

A: To find out about hunting or fishing in Colorado, contact Officer Conrad Albert, Colo. Division of Wildlife at 719-587-6900. You can get a booklet at their office at 0722 South Rd. 1 East, Monte Vista, CO.

How do I ask a question about my property?

A: To contact someone on the Board of Directors for the Ranches call 719-445-6819, e-mail them at, or write SCRO, PO Box 398, Fort Garland, CO 81133.

Can I put an obituary in the Pinon about a land owner/resident from the Ranches?

A: To contact someone on the Board of Directors for the Ranches call 719-445-6819, e-mail them at, or write SCRO, PO Box 398, Fort Garland, CO 81133.

What if I want to build on my property/Can I set a motorhome or trailer there permanently?

A: For building and occupancy information, contact the Costilla County Planning Office at 719-672-9109. Mr. Andy Espinoza is the Manager in charge of Planning and Zoning. Even though the Ranches have a set of Covenants, the Ranches still fall under County jurisdiction.

Is water available in the Ranches?

A: If you wish to drill a well on your property, see #5 for instructions. If you wish to obtain water for use while you are here, Free potable water (drinking) is available on the north side of Hwy 160, between mile markers 241-242, as you head to Alamosa, CO. It is also available on the south-east edge of town in San Luis. Bring your own containers both places.

What if I want to buy/sell a lot?

A: There are Realtors listed on our website at, under businesses, that are familiar with properties on the Ranches.

How do I change my address?

A: Always be sure that Costilla County has your current contact address. Contact the County Assessor at 719-672-3642, and email the BOD at

What do I do if I don’t get my taxes paid and my tax lien does get sold at the Tax Lien Sale?

A: You can redeem your property at any time prior to the issue of the new Warranty Deed. Simply contact the County Treasurer at 719-672-3342 and pay your taxes over the phone with a Credit Card.

How do I know if my taxes are current?

A: You can go to the Costilla County website and check you tax status. On the website, choose County Assessor. On the page that comes up, check the box to verify and click Submit. When the Assessor page comes up, fill in the Parcel Number/ or the name listed on the Deed/ or the Description in the form “S.D.C.R. Unit X-2 Lot 2347 Blk 261″, making sure it is exactly tyoed as shown. When the property comes up, click the Parcel number and it will take you to the property page. Half-way down, in blue, you will see Treasurer’s Information. Click on that link and it will take you to a page that shows the Deed and Tax history of the Parcel. Taxes are paid a year behind, so when you pay in 2013, you are paying taxes for 2012. Taxes come due in April and July of each year, so if there are no payments, then they are still due.

What if I am having problems with/or see theft, vandalism, vagrancy, etc on the Ranches?

A: For non-emergencies call the Costilla County Sheriff’s Office at 719-672-3302. For emergencies call 911!

Can I clear and burn on my property?

A: Burning is banned on the Ranches. For other questions, building and occupancy information, contact the Costilla County Planning Office at 719-672-9109. Mr. Andy Espinoza is the Manager in charge of Planning and Zoning. Even though the Ranches have a set of Covenants, the Ranches still fall under County jurisdiction.

Can I access my property during the winter? Does the County clear my road?

A: For information about road maintenance in the Ranches, contact the County Shop at 719-672-3613.

Are there showers or anything available close by if I’m camping?

A: Contact the Blanca/Fort Garland Community Center at 719-379-3450 for their times and the facilities available.

What about information about the area?

A: Phone books, that list many things, are available at the Fort Garland Post Office on Hwy 159 in Fort Garland.